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The SWS WATER FILTER provides solutions to the following:

Hundreds of families and offices are now using this innovative water purifier for several reasons- It works and nothing is as good as controlling the quality of your drinking water at the comfort your home and office.

Ceramic Water Filter works incredibly well to eliminate water impurities and chemicals arising from diverse sources such as:

House/Water Tanks
Sludge / Lime
Mud / Rust
Animals / Bugs Remains
chemical elements such as Excess chlorine, lead, Mercury which are extremely harmful to our health
Microbiological Contaminants.

If you care about the quality of the water you drink, use for cooking and wants to keep water borne diseases far from you and your family then this is for you.

Remove Rust Particles, Dirt, Dust & Heavy Metal Irons

*Remove Residual Chlorine & Other Unwanted Chemicals

*Remove Blood Worm & Other Parasites

*Can Purify up to 10,000 liters of water

*Removes E Coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Algaes, Etc…

*Filter and purify your water, give your family only the best and healthy water. This faucet water filter can generate great purified water instantly and help you make the best tasting coffee and tea.

*The ceramic filtering cartridge can be cleaned easily and used over again. The dirt at the surface can be rinsed with water and the ceramic can be cleaned with sand paper or dish washing sponge. You can see how much dirt it has removed for you. If the water quality in your area is really bad, just clean the filter more often. Very environmental friendly. Wallet friendly too.

*It also comes with 3 faucet joints in order to fit different types of taps. Very easy to install. No special tool required.

*This water faucet uses Tourmaline to filter water, tourmaline is a natural gemstone. It is a crystal silicate mineral compounded with elements such as aluminium, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium. Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious stone and the gem comes in a wide variety of colors. Tourmaline stone is a very good material for filters.

*Functional properties of tourmaline, a bio-electrode micro-current. Promotes metabolism, regulating the central nervous system and autonomic nervous system. Improves heart rhythm and blood circulation.

*Water negative ionizer. Weakly alkaline body fluids can ensure a healthy internal environment, purify the blood, removing toxins.

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